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Discount Dental Plans as an Alternative to Dental Insurance

You are reading this web page right now because you are looking for NJ Dental Insurance. However, we recommend if you want to avoid A LOT of hassle in finding the right dental care for you, you consider discount dental plans as an alternative to dental insurance. We recommend you visit where you can choose from more than 30 discount dental plans. specialize in discount dental plans, so they know their stuff. There is no doubt that you'll be able to find a good, yet inexpensive, discount dental plan as there are 100,000+ participating provider listings in combined networks. have the most dentist and specialist listings in combined networks anywhere! 

Here are more reasons to consider a discount dental plan through

  • Save 10 to 60% on most dental procedures
  • Quick activation – most plans activate within 3 business days
  • No paperwork hassles or health restrictions to worry about
  • No annual limits
  • Discounts on dental specialties available on select plans

Why not go to to join instantly.  With their quick activation, you can start saving immediately.

Here's an article on why dental care is important.

Your teeth are one of your biggest personal assets, and many would agree because you need your teeth to, well, eat and live! And if your teeth aren’t working properly, then you won’t be able to maintain your health. But keeping your teeth healthy and strong isn’t just as simple as brushing and flossing every day. You need to visit a dentist at least twice a year for checkups and professional cleanings. Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “All those checkups and cleanings can be pretty costly though”. Well, you’re right, but that is why you need to get a discount dental plan, as an alternative to dental insurance.

By joining one of the discount dental plans offered via, not only will you get to see the dentist for routine visits twice a year, you will also have coverage for those “just in case” time, i.e. just in case you are in a car accident and need some major dental work done. The last thing you want to have is thousands of dollars of unpaid medical bills!

But what do you look for when getting a good plan? To answer that, here are a few good tips to help you find the best plan for you.

Ask Around

Your friends and family all most likely have dental care. Ask around to those people and see what plans they use, and how they like their current dentists. Also, another good strategy is to go direct to your dentist or whichever dentist you would like to use, and ask them what discount dental plans they recommend in New Jersey.

Know the terms of the dental care

Make sure you know what you are going to get when you join. For example, you don’t want to be paying $1000 for a plan that has only $1000 of coverage. That just makes no sense, but those plans are out there, and people actually pay for them! Ouch! Also, don’t necessarily buy cheap offers. There is a reason it’s so cheap. It probably doesn’t cover certain things, or there may be restrictions.

In addition if you are a young person/have good teeth/are not very accident prone, you can most likely get away with a discount dental plan with minimal coverage, i.e. preventative coverage like those checkups, cleanings, x-rays, etc.

With these simple tips, you should now be better able to easily find the discount dental plan for your specific needs. We believe is the ideal place to compare rates for more than 30 discount dental plans.

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